Shout-out on the Adafruit Blog!


Was excited to wake up to an email saying I’d been mentioned on the Adafruit blog I’m a huge fan of their stuff and tutorials so was excited to see that. The Social Escape Dress was also featured in recently, in what I thought was a really nice piece on wearable tech.

I have definitely gotten behind on making tutorials! And on keeping up with my web presence in general. (I was thinking of getting an instagram finally, but my fear is that all the good names are already taken?!) But I have been working away! Experimenting with lots of stuff, not all of it wearable, but hopefully will get the updates going more regularly this summer.

In the meantime, while we wait on these tutorials to go live, if you’re interested in how I achieved something technically, please contact me directly! I’m happy to talk about how I made any of the pieces and I do have lots of pictures of the guts/inner-workings.